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When Is Two-phase Orthodontics Beneficial – Part 3

My patient R.S. first presented to our office for routine check-ups and evaluation of her thumb habit.  Here she is at age 7.  She is able to make her posterior teeth touch, but not her incisors.  Early phase orthodontics was indicated to help her with her thumb habit and correct her bite. Open-bite Malocclusion As… Read more »

When Is Two-phase Orthodontics Beneficial – Part 2

One of my young-star patient, N.S. was 1st referred to me by her pediatrician for evaluation of her underbite.  Here she is at age 5.2 with a well-defined anterior cross-bite and prognathic appearing lower jaw.  Because of this condition, she was an excellent candidate for early orthodontic treatment. Anterior Cross-bite With True Skeletal Class III… Read more »