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The Best Restaurants in El Cajon

El Cajon is very well known for its large amount of amazing restaurants as well as its exciting bar and nightlife scene. What many people do not know is that just fifteen miles away there is a city full of amazing food called El Cajon! Our pediatric dental patients and their families love to go out to eat in the local area. If you’re visiting the city or are just looking for a change in scenery from El Cajon, check out this list of the best rated restaurants in the city of El Cajon!

Crafted Greens

745 Jamacha Road

El Cajon, CA, 92019

Crafted Greens is dedicated to serving the freshest ingredients possible, and everything they serve is sourced from local farms! For example, their chicken comes from the Pitman Family Farm, where the chickens are fed an organic vegetarian diet and are able to live a free range, cage free life. Their cows are also strictly grass fed and are able to roam freely around the farm, rather than trapped in small pens. Their salmon and ahi tuna is also wild caught and are sustainably sourced from the ocean, rather than from a fish farm. A few of the delicious items on the menu are a tuscan salmon sandwich, grilled veggie sandwich, and even a cheese flatbread pizza! The options are endless and you are sure to find a delicious and healthy dish.

Funky Fries and Burger

101 West Washington Avenue

El Cajon, 92020

Funky Fries and Burger is best known for….their funky fries and burgers! They have a wide array of burger choices that are 100% all natural angus beef patties that are cooked to the perfect medium well degree. To name a few of their funky burgers, they offer a chili cheese burger, hangover burger, and even a pizza burger! To go along with your perfect burger, they even offer fries that will not disappoint you. They offer pizza fries to go with your pizza burger, buffalo mac and cheese fries, and gyro fries. If your mouth is watering now, you need to head over to Funky Fries and Burger as soon as possible!

Sahara Taste of the Middle East

2990 Jamacha Road

Suite 116

El Cajon, 92019

Sahara Taste of the Middle East was established in 2011 by Joe Salem, a graduate of the Mesa College culinary arts program. He wanted to share his passion for mediterranean food with the world because he wanted people to experience the food that he loves so much. All of their beef and chicken is prepared in house and is made without antibiotics and hormones to ensure the best quality for their customers. Their signature dishes consist of beef, kabobs, chicken tikka, falafel, hummus, tabbouleh, and much more! Be sure to check out Sahara Taste of the Middle East to satisfy your mediterranean food craving.

After you and your family enjoy these amazing restaurants in El Cajon, remember to take care of your teeth all together! If a dental routine is established as a family, you are all more likely to stick to it together. Whether it be in the morning or the evening, having this time as a family once a day can be beneficial for your oral health and to bond together!