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Kids Dentist in El Cajon: How to protect your child’s smile?

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Maintaining your child’s smile and helping them to practice healthy oral hygiene can sometimes be tricky. As parents, we always want to make sure that we protect our children in many different ways, at all times. This is why we must ensure that we are also protecting our children’s smiles as they grow from little kids to full-grown adults. There are a few things you must do as a parent to ensure the protection of your child’s smile and our dentistry for children in El Cajon is here to help you. 

Children’s Braces and Dentistry is pediatric dentistry in El Cajon that wants to help you protect your child’s smile by offering you these tips and set of knowledge. We feel that it will be easier to manage your children’s oral hygiene throughout their lives after reading this blog. 

Visit the dentist regularly.

The number one piece of information that we can give you is to make sure that you take your child to see their dentist regularly. As an orthodontist, it is hard to be able to help children straighten their teeth if the teeth and gums are not being cared for. Taking your child to see their pediatric dentist when their first baby teeth come in is dire. They will be able to keep up on care for your child’s teeth, and they will be able to prevent and help any future dental issues from happening over time. 

Teeth are for chewing food only.

It is so important to regulate what your child does with their teeth. We understand that this sounds weird. However, children tend to use their teeth for different things. Children put things in their mouths all the time, and most of the time, it’s items that they really should not be chewing on. Refrain from letting your child chew on packages to open them. It can lead to damage. Also, a big problem we see is nail-biting, it can be less damaging if they occasionally do it, but if they do it every day in excess, it is not suitable for their teeth or fingernails. 

We also want you to discourage thumb sucking and extended periods of pacifier usage. We see patients all the time who have extended their time thumb-sucking, and it can change the positioning of their teeth. Over time overbites can form, changes in the shape of the jaw, and the roof of the mouth can become sensitive. Eventually, as these children grow up, they will need braces to correct their smiles, so they must go to dentistry for children in El Cajon. 

Brush Well

The biggest dental lesson we can teach our kids on our own is how to brush correctly. As adults, we have been brushing for over ten years. By now, we understand the importance of brushing and how to do it properly. A significant way to protect our children’s smiles is to teach them how to brush as they continue to grow. Of course, the sooner you start teaching them, the better. 

They need to learn to brush with toothbrushes that are right for their age and toothpaste that is safe for their age. If you have children under the age of three, they will need a smaller soft-bristled toothbrush, they are still learning, and a soft-bristle is gentle but still able to clean. Remember to teach your children that they need to brush for at least two minutes straight and brush at angles and circular motions over all teeth. 

Flossing is critical

The last topic we wanted to cover is flossing. Just like brushing, flossing is equally as important. Brushing helps to remove plaque and bacteria sitting on the teeth, where flossing gets particles out from, in them. Brushing and flossing regularly help prevent cavities and tooth decay; this can be the best way to protect your child’s teeth. Depending on your children’s ages, there are different types of flossing tools you can purchase at a store. A common favorite for children is flossing picks, and they are easy to use and come in fun shapes and colors for kids. 

Our kid’s dentist in El Cajon wants you to know that dental hygiene does not have to be complicated. We know that protecting your child’s smile is important to you, which is why we are here to answer any questions you may have. Our team at Children’s Braces and Dentistry is a one-stop-shop for your children’s dental needs. If you would like to make an appointment with us, please give us a call or book an appointment on our website.