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Pediatric Dentistry in El Cajon: Why Choose a Pediatric dentist?

Choosing pediatric dentistry in El Cajon is essential for the health of your child’s teeth. Some parents take their children with them to see their regular dentist because it is easier to have the family seen in one place. Well, with that being said, regular or “adult dentists” do not have further education and training that pediatric dentists have. There are a few topics we would like to discuss and share with you that has to do with why we think you should choose pediatric dentistry in El Cajon. 

Education and Certifications

Anyone who wants to work in the dental industry must attend dental school to become a dentist. Once they graduate, they can start their practice. If they’re going to further their education and get into pediatric dentistry or orthodontics, they must take courses and get some clinical experience that is focused in their field of choice. They will have to complete additional education, which is in the form of a certificate or a master’s degree program. A program like this can take around a year to three years to complete. 

There is another option that dentists can choose from; they can complete a residency in pediatric dentistry. Residencies only take about two years to complete, and these programs are specialized to cover essential topics like growth and development, tooth trauma, child behavior, preventative care, and more. Research will also need to be conducted as well as clinical work to gain the proper experience of working with children and providing them dental care. 

Once they finish all requirements, they then must complete and pass a specialty exam or complete a residency to obtain a license to practice general dentistry. After this, a Board Certification can be obtained from the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.

Focus in Children’s Teeth

Some may think that teeth are teeth, but that is not necessarily true. There is a difference between adult teeth and children’s teeth. Children’s teeth are in a constant stage of development and therefore face their own unique problems. Children tend to struggle more with cavities and gingivitis as well. 

Children’s teeth are also smaller than adult teeth. You can use regular sized dental equipment on smaller teeth, but pediatric dentists are equipped with smaller equipment that is designed for children’s mouths. 

Dental Offices Designed For Children

You have been to your adult dental office, right? You understand that they are generally very dull. They have a waiting room that may have some plants and magazines if you are lucky you get a fish tank to look at. In a family dentist, the office will tend to look a little more lively and may contain an area designated just for children. It may have some toys, stuffed animals, and children’s books. Now if you go to a pediatric dental office the waiting area is designed for children. The waiting area will look welcoming to children so they do not get nervous, scared, or overwhelming while they wait to be seen. The back of the dental office is also going to be designed for children to help ease their nerves. The office may be painted in fun colors, have cool characters or themes, and the equipment is made for smaller patients. If there is a television in the office, they will be playing children’s television shows or movies. 

Preventing and Preserving

Adult teeth are at a stage where there is only so much that a dentist can do to preserve teeth. The main goal for a pediatric dentist is to help prevent future dental issues and to preserve teeth the best they can so that the teeth remain healthy into adulthood. Pediatric dentists also can give you and your children advice and teach your child about how to develop good healthy habits. Baby teeth are more likely to suffer from cavities because the little ones they belong to may not understand the importance of brushing and flossing at least twice a day. Pediatric dentists are your children’s friends and oral health care superhero. They know precisely how to handle teeth and how to make your child feel comfortable during their visits. 

We hope you found our pediatric dentistry in El Cajon blog educational. We want our patients to choose the right dentist for their children, and feel happy about the choice they make! At Children’s Braces and dentistry, we take your good oral health very seriously. We want to help all of our young patients maintain healthy smiles. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call. If you would like more information, please check out our Children’s Braces and Dentistry website.