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Family Fun in La Mesa

Summer is winding down, but that doesn’t mean that your family fun has to fade away. School has started back up again, which means it is important to give your child a well deserved mental break. Giving your child some free time away from their school work allows them to blow off some steam before they have to jump right back into classwork again. Sometimes it can be difficult to squeeze fun activities into your regularly scheduled life, but it will be beneficial.

Once you find the time, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to create some family fun and long-lasting memories for this fall. La Mesa has so much easy, accessible fun for the whole family! We want to help kick start your family fun, so we came up with some fun ways your family can spend time together. 

The Movies

Going to the movies is always an easy choice. There are always movies playing in the theater that the whole family can enjoy. This August and September, you can visittheater and grab some snacks. Here are a few showings they have that would be perfect from family viewing!


  1. Dora and The Lost City of Gold – August 9th
  2. The Angry Birds Movie 2 – August 14th
  3. My Spy – August 23rd


  1. Abominable – September 27th

They are located at 5500 Grossmont Center Dr. in La Mesa. Feel free to visit The Reading Cinemas website for more information regarding these showings!

Visiting a Park 

Visiting a park can be a great adventure. Parks are more than just fields of grass and playgrounds. It is what you can do in a park that brings out the adventurer in your children. For starters, the easiest activity is a fun-filled family picnic. Having your lunch or dinner in the order doors is such a breath of fresh air. It can be extremely relaxing for children who need a break from their homework. Another great activity that can be paired with a picnic is running games, like tag or red light green light!

Every park is filled with local wildlife, so your family can watch for wildlife and pretend you are on a safari. You can also create a scavenger hunt, draw a nature map, or even create art from nature itself! There are plenty of parks to visit in La Mesa, so find the nearest park near you to start your fun adventure. 

Bowling or Mini Golf

Competitive family fun is a great way to share long-lasting memories. There are two great places in El Cajon, La Mesa’s neighbor, that are perfect for competitive fun. Parkway Bowl is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a trip to the lanes. Parkway Bowl is also part of an indoor amusement park, the Boardwalk! They have great cosmic bowling and even do a Sunday family special. They are located at 1280 Fletcher Pkwy, El Cajon. 

Another great activity is mini-golf, which requires a trip to Boomers. If you haven’t heard of Boomers before, they are a one-stop-shop for fun. They have mini-golf, go-karts, bumper boats, a rock wall, and a kids’ county fair.  All these activities are in one location, so after a great round of mini-golf, you can take the family to a different area of Boomers and do another fun family activity. They are located at 1155 Graves Ave, El Cajon. 

The Playground

The Playground is a perfect place to go if you have little ones that are not yet able to bowl or play mini-golf. There is an indoor playground and play area for toddlers (1-3 years). They also have play equipment, a ball pit, and trampolines for children in their preschool years (3-5 years). They have general admission prices as well as monthly memberships. They are located at 5500 Grossmont Center Dr. Ste 125, La Mesa. 

We hope you enjoyed these fun family activities, and we hope you make the best memories while enjoying any of these activities. Our team of pediatric dentists and orthodontists at Dr. Surillo’s Children’s Braces and Dentistry are here to keep your child’s teeth strong and healthy throughout childhood and long after. Give us a call at 619-461-6166 if you’d like to make an appointment today!