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Kids Dentist in La Mesa: At Home Teeth Care

As a kids dentist in La Mesa, we understand that at-home teeth care is critical to good oral hygiene. Healthy teeth do not happen overnight or at the dental office, they happen at home too. It is vital to help your kids understand at-home teeth care, as well as how important it is. We know there is a lot that goes into teeth care, and we do not expect every parent to know everything there is to know about teeth. We wanted to help make the job a little bit easier for you. Below we will talk about some at-home teeth care methods that we find extremely important. We recommend implementing these at home the best you can so your kids maintain good oral health. 

Controlling the Bottle and Sipper Cups

If your little one is ready to be taken off baby bottles or sippy cups, this is not going to be the most straightforward task. It is, however, an important one. When your child’s teeth start to come in, the position they start coming in can be disrupted by the constant use of bottles. This also applies to pacifiers. If a pacifier is used for a long time, it can cause incoming teeth to tilt out of position or slant eventually. When this happens, it can cause a prolonged teeth-strengthening process when the kids are older. 

Another issue with bottles and supper cups is that they are often left in children’s mouths when they fall asleep. When a child falls asleep with a bottle of juice or milk in their mouth, it allowed bacteria and sugars to sit in the mouth and grow, which can cause dental problems. Eventually, it can lead to bad issues with tooth decay and life-long dental issues. 

Avoiding High Sugar Drinks

It is a known fact, kids love sugar! However, just because they love sugar does not mean that they should be consuming high doses of it every day. A lot of sugar is very damaging to teeth. Sugar that gets left on teeth and gums for long periods of time affects teeth in negative ways. Consuming drinks like soda, sports drinks, and juices can lead to tooth decay if teeth are not being adequately brushed. Sugar has a direct connection to tooth decay, and if it is left on teeth, dissolves enamel. 

It is okay if your kids have sugary drinks, but if they are going to consume them, make sure your kids are brushing their teeth shortly after consumption. This will help to eliminate any chance of cavities that may start growing. 

Brushing Before Bed

Kids may not understand the importance of brushing twice a day yet. That is okay! Everyone is great about brushing their teeth first thing when they wake up. However, every kid’s dentist in La Mesa will recommend that kids need to brush twice a day. Many kids tend to neglect their teeth before they get into bed because they are too tired, they forget, or they do not want to brush again. As parents, it is our job to help our children understand that brushing at night is just as important as brushing in the morning. 

Let them know that brushing before bed helps to get rid of the bacteria, germs, and plaque that have built up throughout the day. Help show them that brushing before bed is important by brushing your teeth with them at night. If they see you brushing your teeth, they are more than likely to copy your actions. They, too, will want to brush at night! 

Allow Your Kids to Have a Say

Allowing your kids to have a choice or say in their teeth care will help them commit to it more. When you take them to a store, allow them to pick their own toothbrush that is right for their age range. Let them choose their toothpaste as well. They will feel accomplished and grown-up if they are allowed to have a say in their dental care. They will also want to go home and use the good oral hygiene tools that they had chosen on their own! 
We hope you enjoyed our kids dentist in La Mesa: At Home Teeth Care blog. At Children’s Braces and dentistry, we take your good oral health very seriously. We00 want to help all of our young patients maintain healthy smiles. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call. If you would like more information, please check out our Children’s Braces and Dentistry website.