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How Pediatric Dentistry can help you and your child Teeth?

Dentistry for Children

If you are a parent who is looking for an option to give your child the best dental health treatment they can receive, you might want to stick by and read this blog post on why trusting a professional with training in pediatric dentistry is the smart move to make. Following their general studies, each professional who has become a dental health professional may choose to dedicate more time and effort to receive pediatric training. Pedodontists are dental health professionals who received specialized training in pediatrics, that is, additional training to work with younger patients.

Serving the city of El Cajon is Dr. Santiago A. Surillo and the highly-qualified staff of Dr. Surillo’s Children’s Braces and Dentistry. Dr. Surillo has helped redefine treatment planning for children thanks to his specializations and dedication. Pediatric dentistry goes beyond assuming that you are working with a young person who has similar dental structures to an adult. When a dentist receives pediatric training, they know the specifics of how a child’s dental structures are unique to their age.

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry goes beyond the technical knowledge required to give age-appropriate dental treatment to children. The dental practice must become a welcoming environment for younger patients, and the dentist must know how to patiently treat children who may not yet realize the importance of receiving dental treatment. As a fully certified pedodontist, Dr. Surillo knows very well how to make children feel at ease during treatment, and he has the necessary equipment to treat children instead of just adult patients.

What all of this means in practical terms is that you, as a parent, can fully trust that when you bring your child to our dental practice for their treatment, they will receive the full array of appropriate treatment. You will not need to worry about making sure that your kid likes the idea of visiting the dentist because everyone here at the office is specially trained to make children happy from the moment they walk in.

What treatments are available for children?

Now that you know that there is no going wrong when deciding to bring your child for pediatric dentistry serving the city of El Cajon, you may be wondering when to start treatment. Any child will benefit from engaging in early dental treatment, so frequent visits to the dentist’s office for cleanings will help with oral hygiene when a child is not capable of maintaining a good routine on their own at such an early age. If your child suffers any dental emergency following an accident in the playground or during any other daily activities, you can also come to us for restorative dentistry treatments to help save their teeth.

As providers of El Cajon pediatric dentistry for our neighbors in cities like El Cajon, we take pride in helping children from an early age to prevent the development of serious dental health problems. We promote good dental hygiene to avoid cavities that can result in severe infections and the premature loss of teeth. If you ever hear your child complain due to pain when they chew, brush their teeth, or take cold or hot beverages, make sure you consult with a dentist to determine if they have any cavities that can put their teeth at risk. And please, don’t underestimate the loss of a primary tooth. Even if all baby teeth are meant to fall at a certain age, the premature loss of primary teeth can lead to serious orthodontic conditions and even speech development problems.

If you are living in any of our neighboring cities, like El Cajon, you should consider coming by our office to help your child receive all the benefits from a highly-experienced and motivated pedodontist like Dr. Surillo. The unique point of view provided by pediatric dentistry can help your child avoid serious dental hygiene problems, and even prevent overly-long orthodontic treatments during their teens.

The bottom line

Pediatric dentistry aims to do one thing alone, providing young patients with age-appropriate treatment in a friendly environment. Here in our dental practice, you will find a full staff committed to the promotion of good habits of dental hygiene, and at the ready to help your children with any issues with their teeth. Whether your child needs dental crowns, a pulpectomy in an infected tooth, or just a simple cleaning to keep their smile fresh and healthy, you can count on Dr. Surillo’s training to provide your child with all the care they need. Make an appointment with us and don’t wait any longer to maintain and improve your child’s dental health.