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Friendly Reminders from a Kids Dentist in El Cajon

It’s back to (virtual) school season! As a Kids Dentist in El Cajon, we know very well that brushing teeth has been, and will probably continue to be, a habit that comes hard by children. They see it as a necessary evil to avoid cavities and bad breath, but it remains an annoying chore that needs to get done following an afternoon session of sweets, or just before going to bed when they are the most tired.

Now that summer has ended and kids are getting ready to restart all school activities, parents and professionals have to work a little harder in reminding children of the importance of dental care. So try not to worry if your kids frown at brushing their teeth because it happens everywhere. It’s just one of those joys of being a parent!

The novel Coronavirus Pandemic has certainly stirred things up, and dental health during school has changed a little than what we were used to just a few months back. Kids at home will have more time to brush their teeth after their lunch, and helping them keep it in mind even as they spend several hours in that virtual classroom will go a long way in creating good habits of dental care. Of course, El Cajon Pediatric Dentist Dr. Surillo and his team, with over 20 years of experience with children at a variety of ages, remain committed to helping families with the dental and oral health of the young ones at home.

We are here to complement all the efforts you make to ensure your kids have a perfect and healthy smile. Try to identify what works best for your kid. Maybe their school schedule is a little too tight to push for them brushing their teeth during lunch break, so finding another convenient time after in-between classes or sometime early after their daily school session may work better for them.

Are they aware of the importance of flossing? Maybe you could try doing it with them before bed-time and turn that late routine into more quality family time. Dental health doesn’t have to stick out of our daily routines like a sore thumb, and if you make it a habit of integrating good brushing and flossing techniques to your daily activities, then your kids will also be more likely to copy those good habits especially now that they’re spending more time at home.

There are things, however, that can’t be done at home. Maybe your young ones suffer from serious crowding and need to consult an orthodontist to better determine what long-term planning can do for your child’s smile. If that were the case, rest assured we offer great solutions when it comes to braces for kids in El Cajon. Perhaps your teen suffered an accident and may now need a dental crown to cover or strengthen a cracked tooth. We will be there to help in any way we can.

Be mindful of your kid’s eating habits. Even if we are all staying in as a measure to help shield us from the COVID19 Pandemic we have less time to get ready in the mornings when we are all back to school (let’s face it, it’s not just the children’s schedule that gets tighter) but you should be careful that your child is not just eating overly-sweet and easy on-the-go breakfast that can hurt their oral health. Keep in mind too that young kids in school-age may still need your help to check that their brushing and flossing habits are doing the job right, so occasionally join them for that highly recommended 2-minute brushing of their teeth, and practice together good flossing techniques.

Remember: there’s no time like the present. As a kids dentist in El Cajon, we are available to help you solve any concerns you may have about your child’s dental health and development. Checking in with a dentist and orthodontist early may help determine if your young ones need braces for kids in El Cajon to avoid more painful procedures later on, and preventive procedures will also ensure your kid’s dental development leads to a healthy smile.  We will continue to adapt and provide you with the best service during this pandemic whilst ensuring your family and ours remain protected.

If you make your child’s dental health a priority, we will be right there with you to work for this very important part of their healthy development. So you’ll find that Dr. Surillo’s Children’s Braces and Dentistry is your best option for El Cajon Pediatric Dentists in early dental care for these young family treasures. So give it a go, and don’t be afraid to schedule your child’s next dental appointment with us. We’ll be happy to have you, and we hope you’ll be happy to have us care for your child’s teeth.