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The Importance of Orthodontics

Importance of OrthodonticsLa Mesa, CA – October is National Orthodontic Health Month, making it a great time to discuss the many benefits of orthodontic treatment.

“The incredible benefits that orthodontics can provide go well beyond just a better functioning bite,” says Dr. Santiago Surillo, a La Mesa orthodontist. “Each day, I get to see the positive impact orthodontic treatment has on my patient’s lives, and I frequently see patients walking out of my office happier and more confident than when we first met.”

Improved Self-Esteem
Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you, so if yours is crooked or crowded, you may tend to hide it. And studies show that we view people who smile a lot as happier, more approachable and even more successful. Orthodontic treatment can give you the smile you’ve always wanted, making you happier and more confident in the process.

Straight teeth = a healthy mouth
Crooked and crowded teeth are harder to keep clean. Your toothbrush can’t reach those overlapping areas, and it can be hard to floss. That means plaque can build up, leading to decay and gum disease. The simple truth is that straight teeth are easier to care for, meaning you’ll have a healthier smile.

But that’s not all. A misaligned bite can place abnormal pressure on the teeth. This can lead to chipping and wear on the teeth, even broken teeth. And the added pressure can also put a strain on your jaw muscles and joints, leading to headaches, neckaches, and jaw pain.

Straight teeth can improve the functions of your mouth, making it easier to chew and speak and keeping your mouth healthier.

Invest in braces now and save
Think of braces as an investment in your future. The total cost might seem like a lot at first, but if you weigh in all of the benefits we’ve discussed in this article, you’ll realize you may just be saving yourself from having to repair damage caused by your bad bite in the future.

Orthodontic treatment can provide long-term benefits, and when paired with proper oral hygiene, can provide a beautiful and functional smile for life.

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