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What Braces Color Combination Should I Get?

Ok, so let’s talk about customization when it comes to making the most out of your orthodontic braces and choosing braces colors. Technically, you’ll only be changing the color of the rubber bands, as you cannot make it, so each bracket and the wires have unique colors. Instead, you can ask your kids’ orthodontist, Dr. Surillo, to show your kid some of the most popular braces color combinations available.

We’ve compiled a few ideas so you can discuss them with your kids and help them make their treatment their own. Customization and personal expression are critical factors in connecting with younger patients and making them feel at ease with their treatment choices.

When we let kids, young teenagers, and every patient express what they want for their treatment and entertain their preferences wherever possible, we create the foundation for a much more solid relationship between kids and their orthodontists.

Keep in mind that we are a practice that focuses on our dual specialty. We mix the best parts of pediatric dentistry and orthodontics to develop a treatment plan that fixes a child’s smile and keeps them happy and feeling understood.

Let’s check below a few ideas on color combinations your kid can choose from when coming for their orthodontic care at Children’s Braces and Dentistry.

What Are the Best Braces Color Combinations?

In short, the best braces colors are those that make the patient feel more comfortable during their treatment. Besides, you can always change yours if you don’t feel like you nailed it on your first try.

Change your braces colors to match the seasons, cheer for your favorite sports team, celebrate a holiday, make a personal statement, or anything that crosses your mind.

Traditional metal braces are not the most discreet option available in orthodontics. Unlike patients who choose Invisalign® clear aligners or clear ceramic braces, those using conventional metal braces will have an appliance that catches people’s attention. Make the most out of this and decorate your brackets with the colors you like the most.

Depending on the Holidays

One great opportunity for any patient is to match their braces colors to a special event or holiday of their liking. Let’s check out a few ideas.

4th of July

The quintessential American holiday. You may want to adorn your kids’ braces with the signature blue, white, and red that are so typical during the 4th of July celebrations.

Mix them up and play around with the order of the rubber bands. Ask your child to place them on and practice how to change a few of their elastics whenever possible. Have them draw up a sketch of how they want their braces to look and bring it to the office. We’ll gladly work with them to recreate their favorite pattern.


You can’t go wrong with any combination of orange, black, purple, and bright green. Go all the way in and ask your kid to choose their favorite color combination for trick-or-treat day. If they want to get a costume that won’t cover their faces, they’ll look great showing off their customized braces.

Play around with color combinations. Go multicolor or stick with a single color for all of your kids’ braces. When you come to our office in La Mesa, CA, you can ask the team to get the rubber band colors that your kid desires. As a general rule of thumb, you should give us a call at 619-775-2532 before you come to ensure that we have the colors they prefer to avoid any feelings of frustration.

Show Your Local Sports Team Some Love

If your kid is a sports fan, they can select a few colors that show their appreciation for their favorite sports team. It can go with the big leagues or local school teams. Whatever their choice, it would look great on the fan cam to smile and show their team’s colors.

High Schools in La Mesa en El Cajon

Just down the road, we have Helix Charter Highschool. Is your teenager a Helix Scottie? Try some green and gray or black for their braces colors. Some of our patients also attend Grossmont Middle College High School, and they love showing off the golden and green colors of their institution.

Basketball Fans

Anyone who enjoys basketball can also decorate their braces with the corresponding colors of their favorite teams. Here are a few ideas:

  • Los Angeles Lakers: Try some orange and purple to shake it up and show your team some love.
  • Los Angeles Clippers: The red and blue combos of this awesome team will make your kid look great during their treatment.
  • Sacramento Kings: How about mixing a bit of purple and gray for your kids’ braces?
  • Golden State Warriors: Anyone who rocks a bright yellow and navy blue is sure to score some points when it comes to looking great and having a beautiful smile.

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Anyone who wants to improve their smile and oral health knows they can count on a qualified and board-certified orthodontist. But only those who want to ensure they get the best results possible will bring their kids to the best orthodontist La Mesa has available.

Dr. Surillo will gladly help young patients improve their smiles with an efficient and safe treatment plan. Get in touch with our office and set up an appointment that fits your schedule.